Difference between BW (Bush Warrior) & BC (Building Contractor) – Part 2


The main difference between a BW and a BC is that BC’s resort to the use of power tools whereas a BW prefers to use hand tools. There are many reasons that people eventually end up resorting to Power Tools, its faster more convenient and makes life easier.


Sawing through a plank of wood will obviously consume more time, than if we were to use a power saw. The question though one has to ask themselves is what affect does the use of power tools have on the mind and body

The reason behind a bush warriors preference to work with just hand tools, is that it enables him to work longer hours with more joy, focus and clarity. There is a grace
behind every movement and action as each action naturally synchronizes with the process. After 9-10 hrs of work they might be tired but are not mentally or physically exhausted or drained. This is in contrast to work power tools 4-6 hrs is enough to leave a person drained and exhausted. Whats the reason behind this I wonder, why is it that we usually feel like our tanks running on fumes after a day spent with power tools.

I could maybe hazard a guess by saying that since a persons body is continuously alert and tense, this leads to fatigue both mentally and physically. This is because these machines have the pot ential to do us real harm if the wielders concentration slips.It is no wonder we sometimes see disabled carpenters, but never a disabled traditional builder.

Working with hand tools is spending a day doing gentle slimnastics, designed to keep the body healthy with the gentle motion of molding which makes the body perform gentle stretches. This increases a persons vitality and it is no surprise, because a body that is relaxed and in sync with its core is always flooded by fresh blood carrying oxyginated blood to all the vital organs and it is no surprise that the body responds to this by having more vitaliy and life to offer.The other reason behind a bush warriors preference to hand tools instead of power tools is that the human body responds in different ways when exposed to noise with different intensity. When humans were created (doesn’t matter what you believe in) they were only exposed to gentle music that lifted spirits, gentle symphony of rain, wind, laughter and lovers rustle.
Therefore the mind does not withdraw into a shell of numbness, deaf to the world in contrast to seeing trainees with their ear defenders on obliviouarouns ts to the world around them.

A bush warrior through his choices works in an environment where his naturally timid senses emerges in the silence to act and experience creation. This is very similar to the first green shoots to break through the soil as it basks in the sunlight as its chlorophyls are sent into overdrive giving it a startling green that would make emerald envious. What these experience does to a person is that their minds free to explore, remain free without the racous interruptions from the rude blare of machinery.

The greatest asset of a bush warrior is his ability to be a walking conduit which encourages alchemy on a spiritual level. He breathes air laced with oxygen and converts it all into motion as flesh, steel and wood rekindles a gift older than time itself as his actions sets about sparks of creation in the infinite realm between his hand tools and weathered and calloused hands.

calloused hands


About Mojo

A simple bush ranger trying to remember the days, when our ancestors lived of the earth
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  1. misswhiplash says:

    you are really deep in thought

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