Am a cITIZen


Here I am doing something in the world I adore to bits. Writing random thoughts, the funny thing is how many thing I have taken for granted. Oh sorry, Hey Guys am a Bush Warrior (B%W). What’s a bush warrior? That is a whole another story for another day, feels free to read the old entries in ma blog rastafaaar buds …

So am sitting here in this beautiful place in nature surrounded by beautiful people. People who are magic in the making just by doing their everyday chores and routine, the way their face light up when they hear the lunch bell. The warmth that radiates during a communal lunch, with laughter as intoxicating as the sweetest water drank from the lonely springs, in the foothills of the Himalayan Range with only the lonely wolf and the moon in her radiance for company, with the stars lacing out tendrils of light like a canopy to shelter us from the gentle spin of the universe. As we are the audience to nature’s most scintillating moment.

What am I going to speak about today hmmm… you know what I will wing it and that’s gravvieeee haha.

Its great being whole again with both the mind and soul intertwining in a harmonious dance as my timid awareness embrace the gentle waves of nature and the earth repeating an age old pattern. To let your past burdens, guilt, sorrow, happiness, the highs and the lows wash of you like the gentle splatter of the rain on your face as it purifies you. Next time when it rains guys just walk into it and tilt your face to the heavens and soak in natures abundance, apparently it is really good for your skin.

God forbid if Guillard, Obama or for that matter our very own Tony Abbott (is that how you spell his name hmmm *scratches head*  … nvm  … he is not that important anyways) decide to this though. The amount of bull shit that gets washed away is enough to stink up Sydney Harbour. So guys please don’t I jump into the water every now and then in the wharf when the fancy strikes me.

Just a quick trivia question reader, what is the biggest natural harbour on our Planet??

A random winner gets to go ON a two day Australian Outback journey of discovery and contentment for free =D=D

It is funny how all of us always miss something like something fierce when it is gone. There is so much we have humans have forgotten. We always miss the gentle ambience of light when were in the dark, we cuss at the sun when it is too hot but miss her like a lover when you first let her go during winter. A fathers eternal love which as real as the oldest rocks which are creeping into fossilization and a mothers ever abundant love that is a rejuvenating as the laughter of the waterfall. Also there is much that is forgotten, the land as our ancestors saw it when they lived in better times and were ruled by wise and spiritual man. I mean we have all our opinions but modern politics is miscued that it’s become a joke.

“The first road to contentment is submission, submit not to authority or rules made by men, eight centuries ago, Submit to yourself, and acknowledge who you are, your past, future, flaws and imperfection. Do not be scared the road to enlightenment always began with someone plunging into their minds maelstrom.”

The system which works **BIG QUEstioN mark#$??** Hand in hand with the decadence and waste. It’s a system which pays cursory attention to minimum wages, but the most obvious question is blatantly ignored. “What is the maximum wage?” In the 1% this has become an inside joke “don’t worry if you fuck up, you always have the golden parachute”


To make a change thou should know thyself. Looking into our past is like taking a journey through time, as we follow the genealogical map of our footprints across the heavens and space of time. From the lonely deserts of morocco with only the wild to witness it, to the lonely mountains of Srilanka to the south coast of Australia, a tribes history always evolving ever changing with time. That makes you see things in a completely new light.

A friend of mine told me we all in us have the power to change the world, I politely checked her and told what can one person do?.. She told me we witness changes every day. Our parents made their first changes when they brought us into this world and universe first set sight on us as it mapped us our destiny. Even as we speak tendrils of destinies are being woven for every child’s first cry in this world.

Also being a writer when you find your muse, nothing better could come out of it. I met ma muse and she has eyes which captures lights from 4.5 million light years away, as she emerged in my subconscious and lets me take a peek into the cosmos every time she blinks. She is my Tabiaa (Arabic word for nature) because like nature she always inspires me.

Ma Muse

The vision of our forefather’s stands trampled upon, today as it stares back at us like a mass section of forest uprooted dead. I reckon what they would make of this world today if they saw it. We were as a planet once a Republic as nature and man worked hand in hand in harmony.

We are as a race standing upon the brink of crevice to our self-identity. The marching band of consumerism and capitalism blaring around us is so deafening that we cannot hear our dear Tabiaa. The responsibility I feel for the future generations to take over from us leaves me short of breadth because I tremble to think what they will inherit from us.

We are all born into a system of none of our choice. We have raised thrones and placed upon them institutions of corruption in our political system. We have given them the chains to our identity with money and prejudices. We have entrusted them with the wealth of the masses and is it is collected and flushed down the toilet to service their cock ups.

But it is all okay because I have my muse and she will keep me strong as I stand firm against the legions of multitudes Wall Street goons, charging at me with their fancy interests and bail outs. I will stand firm even as the very earth groans as their feet march to a death knell as all your awareness collapse into a tunnel. As the system seeks to chain I wake up and realize anyone can be a change. The catalyst to produce a simple act to spark out tendril’s of love and hope in this bleak and bleary financially messed up world. The air has never been sweeter, my friends never been dearer, life has never been sweeter, its nectar so intoxicating as the morning hum of a humming bird as the sun winks over the horizon to welcome the heavens in its sheer brilliance in cloaks of golden, red and blue as it shoots trident through the heaven to retell stories told 4.5 Million light years ago.

Am not going to bulge or blink, am going to stand my ground against the Wall Street goons as they sawrm towards me in an ocean of humanity soaked in decadence and corruption. AM NOT GOING TO MOVE, am a citiZEn, am the multitude of unspoken voices, am the ROOOAAARR in the waves as it thunders down the coast.  I am the wind from the lonely mountains of places where the twilight is eternal as the dream-world forever holds the heavens and the earth together. Am your conscious and am a Builder, am NOT going to move. I set my sanctuary here and will start my change from here


AM a MoVEment am a Passive activist, we are the multitude and we are beginning to comprehend the truth that nobody wants to comprehend. We want freedom !!!


About Mojo

A simple bush ranger trying to remember the days, when our ancestors lived of the earth
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