Change The World, one Fruit Salad at a time


Love, share and Give

So here I am after sharing an amazing weekend with a bunch of beautiful people. What makes these people wonderful I wonder. I am not related to them in anyway what so ever. Bravo, The Three Jessie’s (who have all healed my heart in ways I cannot comprehend), Natasha, Bek, Sophie, 007, Vivien, Robert Gray and many many more. You guys are simply amazing thank you for healing a weary travelers heart.

I am just an ordinary guy, I am a sailor a builder and am thinking how to change the world. Many have tried and filled me with hope just to let me down with all the infighting. So am going to try something different. I want to change the world a fruit salad at a time. I know sounds weird and I have no idea how I even came up with it and no James am not smoking anything funny haha.

So the idea is very simple, am a builder and a poet at heart and I make good fruit salads. My aim is to build home for people who really need them for free by selling fruit salads. The idea is very simple, all the money earned by selling delicious fruit salads goes into a piggy bank. My goals very simple, purchase an acreage and build homes for free.

Am an earth builder so I am not fussed about materials because the very earth under my feet will provide me with inspiration. I love the ARTS be they anything, you can sound like me for all I care and if it brings you joy it brings me joy. I am saying arts because I do not want to put anything in a box.

I am not waiting for a savior to guide me to the promised land. Am not waiting for the next Kennedy or the Government to wake up.

The question I want all of us to ask ourselves : “Who are we waiting for ?”

Why wait for someone when in all of us there is still that child, who viewed the world with hope and behind every hill and under every stone there was a magical kingdom. We are a collective mind and we are all citizens of mother earth and we are a legion.

It is us the people who built thrones and placed institutions on them to govern us. It is us the people who have handed the powers to the Banks, corporations and Wall Street.

Lets all just take a step back and buy a fruit salad and sit with our friends in a cosy circle and cuddle and know that with every mouthful you take, your putting a roof over a family that really needs it.

Each and every one you remind yourself that your a citizen and here is a little poem to end this little thought process.


Occupying the world one life at a time, don’t join the movement JUST be the movement


We are citizens,

We are a movement,

We are the roaring waves of nature crashing on the forgotten shores,

We are the gales that tear your conscious so you wake up,

We are the beginning and the end,

We are Citizens,

We are legion,

We are 4eva,

We are a collective mind,

We are waking up,

Watch out world


Our Vision:

“We are ordinary citizens, putting homes over families”

Our Purpose:

We use arts be they any genre or form, as long as they bring a smile we will deliver. We use the profit from our movement to build families homes. Forget Occupying Wall Street, we are citizens, we are taking back this world one roof at a time             


Lots of Love



About Mojo

A simple bush ranger trying to remember the days, when our ancestors lived of the earth
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