Changing the world a fruit Salad at a time Part 2

So here I am just sitting .. things have gone really well over the last few months .. just been keeping things KISS


I had basic desires, I was hungry I ate and I lived to slate these desires. This is something I realised early on. What does it mean to be the change you know .. lile trying to put things in a stoners prespective.

The biggest change I had to make was the battles I was fighting in my own heart.

Not the heart that beats blood and is made of flesh. But the heart which makes me as a person. A heart that defines who I am in the whirlpool of butterfly affect.

You will be surprised as your base desires fight titanic battles as the earth and the heaven shatter and our concious usually finds itself overpowered by the sheer tempest of these battles. There is no you because every humans greatest fear is being alone. This is something that has to change and people should look into their hearts to start answering questions, that we as a society have forgotten.

With all the bills the credit cards and bullshit like gym. I mean come on for god sake your talking about obesity. How the hell is there no fricking FREE GYMS… oooooosssaaaaaaaaaa

Like I said I had to reach a point of clarity, as a person you have to literally will roots to sprout out of your feet.

Feel at home where you stand. Thats the most important thing I learnt. To want a better world, just be a better human being.

Arts for the People .. Long live kindness and a childs joyous laughs.

In this holy month my brothers and sisters. I WISH YOU ALL


now just sit back and enjoy the snaps .. that will follow


About Mojo

A simple bush ranger trying to remember the days, when our ancestors lived of the earth
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