Changing the world a fruit Salad at a time Part 2

So here I am just sitting .. things have gone really well over the last few months .. just been keeping things


I had basic desires, I was hungry I ate, I turned to me. This is something I realised early on. What does it mean to be the change you know .. lile rrying to put things in a stoners prespective.

The biggest change I had to make was the battles I was fighting in my own heart.

Not the heart that beats blood and is made of flesh. But the heart which makes me as a person. A heart that defines who I am in the whirlpool of butterfly affect.

You will be surprised as your base desires fight titanic battles as the earth and the hwaven shatter as you as a person are lost in that battle.

With all the bills the credit cards and bullshit like gym. I mean come on for god sake your talking about obesity. How the hell is there no fricking FREE GYMS… oooooosssaaaaaaaaaa

Like I said I had to reach a point of clarity, as a person you have to literally will roots to sprout out of your feet.

Feel at home where you stand. Thats the most important thing I learnt. To want a better world, just be a better human being.

Arts for the People .. Long live kindness and a childs joyous laughs.

In this holy month my brothers and sisters. I WISH YOU YOU ALL


now just sit back and enjoy the snaps


About Mojo

A simple bush ranger trying to remember the days, when our ancestors lived of the earth
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