Part 3 One Fruit Salad at a Time


To everyone who is following I Dont know who you guys are … but I want to give u all a big shout out from Down Under Sydney where the worlds becoming more communal.

AND COS I LOVE YOU GUYS .. YOU CAN FINALLY SEE the Bushwarrior in the picture above ..

The magic and the buzz am feeling is bloody brilliant and I loved ma brothers gig yesterday.

I have some problems uploading the video I had in store .. so heres another sampler which is equally effing brilliant … whoopp whoooooop

He is.simply amazing.

The picture below was one from the road and then I just want you guys to enjoy the music.

From Down Under,
Where Good things are happening,
Smiles and lots of Warm Regards,
Moh the Bushwarrior



Now let me introduce you to the amazing :

“Wilfred Cunning Linguist” The one and only

Check the LINK PASS IT TO A FRIEND .. changing the world people .. everything STARTS with YOU .. YES YOU my brother , my sister YOU the entity reading this .. because this is the closest u and I come to creation as we read these words ..  this is the only time that is just meant for you and me .. as we give simple words on paper .. our own voice in our mind as we decipher the information being revealed to us in this humble blog .. which at the end of the day is a simple bloody blog … that is it

Spread the word .. share this Post .. just let the people know the worlds becoming a better place for future generations…

Share the good news and how u do it is up to you guys .. this is my test to see if were movers and shakers .. we the people are we going to share this.message .. are u going to help this traveller tell the world that its okay ..

Look people, were all part of family older than time itself. Before we became nations.. we were all humble tribesman..

Anyways am off to roll a joint and do a wake and bake .. so good bye and dont worry .. u will all get to see how the worlds changing right before our own eyes … MUHAHAHA .(that was unnecessary) lol =$

I love all you guys and its not just lip service humans .. I am Moh the Traveller I walk with roots on my feet.

I am change, I am a predators piercing shriek of fury scream of fury when she sees a wrong done to her child.

Watch out Bureaucracy
I have no weapons
I have something far more primal behind me

I am mass
I am a multitude
I am Zen.
I am Citizen
I am legion
I am 4ever

I have something far more dangerous marching to the rhytm of the safri as a squirrel patiently gets ready for winter

I am Time eternal and the voice which asks the questions no one wants to hear

Why oh lord or whatever is out there .. why is all am asking .. how could we have been led so astray where life has become circulated around bills

Why do I have to work just to live
Why cant I just be a human being
Why is the world am living in sooooo difficult where cut-throats prosper

Why ???

Please tell me followers .. I need your wisdom ..



About Mojo

A simple bush ranger trying to remember the days, when our ancestors lived of the earth
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