My First Baby Step towards Islam

So here I am after almost 6 weeks of a roller coaster ride. Where I in-inadvertently exposed my family to the destructive nature of the most primal animal that existed in the darkest recesses of my heart.

Fear of the creator.

What a trying TIME, it was for my family that was left aghast with the implosive transformation of a boy into a man. That man is me as I now sit here typing up my new blog.
Now many will argue that there is no such thing as a creator. For them I have only one thing to say “good for you” but everyone has turned to someone in some form or the other, when during the most trying periods of their life, they held their hand together and whispered fervently “IF you’re their GOD, please, please HELP ME”

Funny how many people forget their pleas, to the thing that is out there lol.
That is why my new blog is going to be about Islam because religion saved me from my own latent abilities. Abilities that left me feeling like an outcast and Pariah.
What are my abilities well I do not know you well enough to mention them to you my reader.
So how was I saved from my own worst enemy myself?

Hmmm … well it all started with baby steps.

First thing I did was recite and call out to my Lord by his 99 names.
For those who are from other religions and beliefs let me tell you the significance of the number 99.

In symbolism:
• It expresses a realized perfection state, since it is in relation with the number of the perfection, 9.
• According to Bercelius, this number would be the equivalents of the gold, symbol of the Pure Spirit.

In the Bible:
• Number of ewe left in the parabola of Jesus to go to seek the hundredth that was lost. (Mt 18,12)
• Age of Abraham when God appeared to him and instituted an alliance with him. (Gn 17,1)
In Islam:

In Islam:

you enter Paradise if you are learning the 99 names of Allah and behave according to the meaning.

No wonder I thought of turning towards my creator not because of the fear of death, I am ready for death but the fear of the unknown. What would happen to the soul inside me because when you think about it logically, matter (soul) cannot be destroyed or multiplied. So what happens to the matter my soul is made of?

That’s why I turned to the 99 Names of Allah and beseech-ed him to guide me back to the right path.
These words are the 99 names of my Lord all Mighty.


AR-RAHMÂN/The Most Compassionate, The Beneficent, The Gracious

AR-RAHÎM/The Merciful


AL-QUDDÛS/The Most Holy

AS-SALÂM/The All-Peaceful, The Bestower of peace

AL-MU’MIN/The Granter of security

AL-MUHAYMIN/The Protector

AL-’AZÎZ/The Mighty

AL-JABBÂR/The Compeller

AL-MUTAKABBIR/Supreme in Greatness, The Majestic

AL-KHÂLIQ/The Creator

AL-BÂRI’/The Maker

AL-MUSAWWIR/The Bestower of form, The Shaper

AL-GAFFÂR/The Forgiver

AL-QAHHÂR/The Subduer

AL-WAHHÂB/The Bestower

AR-RAZZÂQ/The Provider

AL-FATTÂH/The Opener, The Judge

AL-’ALÎM/The All-Knowing

AL-QÂBID/The Withholder

AL-BÂSIT/The Expander

AL-KHÂFID/The Abaser

AR-RÂFI’/The Exalter

AL-MU’IZZ/The Bestower of honour

AL-MUDHILL/The Humiliator

AS-SAMÎ’/The All-Hearing

AL-BASÎR/The All-Seeing

AL-HAKAM/The Judge

AL-’ADL/The Just, The Equitable

AL-LATÎF/The Gentle, The Knower of subtleties

AL-KHABÎR/The All-Aware

AL-HALÎM/The Forbearing

AL-’AZÎM/The Incomparably Great

AL-GAFÛR/The Forgiving

ASH-SHAKÛR/The Appreciative

AL-’ALIYY/The Most High

AL-KABÎR/The Most Great

AL-HAFÎZ/The Preserver

AL-MUGHÎTH/The Sustainer

AL-HASÎB/The Reckoner

AL-JALÎL/The Majestic, The Revered, The Sublime

AL-KARÎM/The Generous

AR-RAQÎB/The Watchful

AL-MUJÎB/The Responsive

AL-WÂSI’/The All-Encompassing, The All-Embracing


AL-WADÛD/The Loving One

AL-MAJÎD/The Most Glorious

AL-BÂ’ITH/The Resurrector

ASH-SHAHÎD/The Witness

AL-HAQQ/The Truth

AL-WAKÎL/The Ultimate Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs

AL-QAWIYY/The Most Strong

AL-MATÎN/The Firm One, The Authoritative

AL-WALIYY/The Protector

AL-HAMÎD/The All-Praised, The Praiseworthy

AL-MUHSÎ/The Reckoner

AL-MUBDI’/The Originator

AL-MU’ÎD/The Restorer to life

AL-MUHYÎ/The Giver of life

AL-MUMÎT/The Causer of death

AL-HAYY/The Ever-Living

AL-QAYYÛM/The Self-Existing by Whom all subsist

AL-WÂJID/The Self-Sufficient, The All-Perceiving

AL-MÂJID/The Glorified


AS-SAMAD/The Eternally Besought

AL-QÂDIR/The Omnipotent, The Able

AL-MUQTADIR/The Powerful

AL-MUQADDIM/The Expediter

AL- MU’AKHKHIR/The Delayer

AL-AWWAL/The First


AZ-ZÂHIR/The Manifest

AL-BÂTIN/The Hidden

AL-WÂLÎ/The Governor, The Protector

AL-MUTA’ÂLÎ/The Most Exalted

AL-BARR/The Benign, The Source of All-Goodness

AT-TAWWÂB/The Granter and Accepter of repentence

AL- MUNTAQIM/The Lord of Retribution, The Avenger

AL-’AFUWW/The Pardoner

AR-RA’ÛF/The Most Kind, The Clement

MÂLIK-UL-MULK/Owner of the Kingdom

DHUL JALÂL WAL IKRÂM/Possessor of Majesty and Honour

AL-MUQSIT/The Just, The Equitable

AL-JÂME’/The Gatherer

AL-GHANIYY/The All-Sufficient

AL-MUGHNÎ/The Enricher

AL-MÂNI’/The Preventer of harm

AD-DÂRR/The Afflicter

AN-NÂFI’/The Benefiter

AN-NÛR/The Light

AL-HÂDÎ/The Guide

AL-BADÎ’/The Originator

AL-BÂQÎ/The Everlasting

AL-WÂRITH/The Ultimate Inheritor


AS-SABÛR/The Patient One

This was my FIRST BABY STEP TOWARDS THE ALMIGHTY. Keep on reading to know what the next baby steps I took towards my Creator were.


About Mojo

A simple bush ranger trying to remember the days, when our ancestors lived of the earth
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