Mindless Musing, my attempt at a Poem after a loong loooong time


I was always a cynic and scoffed at love,

that was till I met you on that faithful day,

A love so powerful,

And so overwhelming,
That if I were without it,
Am Afraid I would loose my sanity
you stoked in me a fire that is still burning in my veins,

with a love as old as the timeless depths of the oceans,
I can see the love you feel for me,
A love as strong as my own,
A love that fills me so full of emotion,
so full of hope for the future,
your not next to me,
because of a society that believes in tactirum rather than communication,

self righteous in their beliefs,

they forgot all bout love,
but I am not one to complain,
because in that short time,
you took me from darkness to light,
and I still find myself gazing into your eyes,
in my minds eyes.

Even though the wise man told me that time heals many a wounds,
he forgot to mention it doesn’t have the power to erase memories



About Mojo

A simple bush ranger trying to remember the days, when our ancestors lived of the earth
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